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Indigo Family in a nutshell

The new Vaisala Indigo family takes industrial measurement to a new level. Interchangeable probes, smart transmitters and Indigo Insight PC software can help you streamline your processes and make more informed and timely decisions. 

The new Indigo family is made to last. It has the ability to perform even in the harshest and most extreme conditions. Year after year. ​With the same Vaisala quality that is present in safekeeping precious works of art in Louvre and the Lascaux cave and in extreme conditions on Mars and in Antarctica


The sixth sense you can rely on

The sixth sense you can rely on

​Different industries need different measurement solutions. Indigo is an entire modular solution designed to improve your process. The accuracy and long-term stability of Indigo probes are in the class of their own. This means you get a sixth sense you can rely on: ability to detect even the weakest signals, and make better decisions – in time. Measure humidity, temperature, dew point, moisture in oil, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen peroxide.​

Modular design. A system that makes sense.

The key feature of the Vaisala Indigo family is modularity. Choose the elements that are the perfect fit for your need. Convenient maintenance with plug-and-play design. Easy self-service and data monitoring using the Vaisala Insight PC software.

Smart probes – Extreme accuracy & stability

  • Comprehensive probe selection measuring various parameters
  • Based on premium Vaisala sensor technologies 
  • Use as a stand-alone device or with Indigo transmitters
  • Modern, compact design 

Robust transmitters - Value-adding functionalities

  • Plug-and-play probe connection 
  • Dual-probe model enables multi-parameter measurement
  • Easy evaluation and visualization of data 
  • Additional connectivity, power and wiring options 

Insight PC software - Easy self-service & data visualization

  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Quick access to probe data
  • Smooth field calibration
  • Easy probe configuration

Browse the Indigo family products

Browse the Indigo Smart Probes

Humidity and temperature probes

  • HMP3 is suitable for various industrial applications with moderate humidity and temperature levels

  • HMP4  is for high pressure applications, such as compressed air systems in maritime, breathing air, and industrial applications

  • HMP5  is for high temperature application like baking ovens, pasta dryers, ceramics and industrial drying kilns 

  • HMP7  is designed for applications which involve constant high humidity or rapid changes in humidity, such as drying and test chambers, combustion air, and other humidifiers and meteorological measurements

  • HMP8  is designed for pressurized applications in compressed air systems, refrigerant dryers, and other pressurized industrial applications.

  • HMP9 is a compact probe suitable for rapidly changing environments where a fast response time, measurement performance, and chemical tolerance are essential

  • TMP1 is designed for demanding temperature measurements in industrial applications, such as pharmaceutical industry and calibration laboratories

Dew point probes

  • DMP5 for in-line measurement in high temperature applications <180 °C (356 °F)

  • DMP6 for in-line measurements in very high temperatures <350 °C (660 °F)

  • DMP7 for remote installations in tight spaces with measurement range to -70 °C (-94 °F). Application examples include semiconductor manufacturing equipment, industrial drying systems, compressed air systems, and dry rooms

  • DMP8 for pressurized pipelines <40 bars with measurement range to -70 °C (-94 °F). Typical applications include industrial drying, compressed air systems, and applications in the semiconductor industry

Moisture in oil probe

  • MMP8 is designed for demanding and continuous online moisture measurements in transformer and lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, and other liquids

Carbon dioxide (CO2) probes

Indigo-compatible carbon dioxide (CO2) probes are based on Vaisala’s unique CARBOCAP® technology that enables exceptional stability. They are ideal for applications such as incubators, greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage and cargo, animal shelters and demand-controlled ventilation.
Choose from the following probes to suit your needs:

  • GMP251  for %-level measurements 0 – 20 %CO2 in life science incubators, cold storage facilities, fruit and vegetable transportation, and in all other demanding applications
  • GMP252  for ppm-level measurements 0 – 10 000 ppmCO2 in agriculture, refrigeration, greenhouses, demanding HVAC applications, and for plant growth chamber manufacturers

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) probes

Indigo-compatible vaporized hydrogen peroxide probes feature Vaisala’s unique PEROXCAP® technology. which enables accurate and repeatable measurement of the bio-decontamination cycle with one single probe. Choose from the following probes to suit your needs:

  • HPP270 series for measuring H2O2 vapor concentration, humidity and temperature in demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes

Extend the features with Indigo transmitters and Insight PC Software

Insight PC Software for Easy Access

Insight PC Software

The Vaisala Insight PC Software gives quick access to the configurations and data of Indigo family probes.Use as a simple service interface for easy set-up, diagnostics, and field calibration and adjustment.