Science-based innovations are our core

Our leading sensing technologies and innovations are born through strong collaboration, from customer co-creation to hardware and software design, development, testing, and on-site production. 

Our R&D team has professionals from all fields; including competencies from doctors of physics to artificial intelligence and machine learning experts.

At Vaisala, we develop and manufacture our sensors in our own laboratory. Our own in-house cleanroom facility and sensor factory are core capabilities for Vaisala’s success. Cleanroom is an area where air quality, temperature and humidity are controlled to ensure that sensitive equipment is protected from any possible contamination. 

Software has an increasing impact on how the measurements provided by our instruments and systems are gathered, delivered, processed and read. Our software teams cooperate with R&D, hardware design, project management, system testing, as well as UX design throughout the whole product development process from concepts to design and software.

The software suite contains embedded firmware, web-based solutions and application software. Artificial intelligence and computer vision are also an area where we have covered ground during the past years. We are also extending our instruments with IoT connectivity and creating cloud services to help our customers in their measurement needs.

In addition to our own research and development work, we are an active player in the scientific community. We collaborate with the leading research institutes and universities and with researchers all over the world. Our collaboration partners also include the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as well as several national meteorological offices around the world.

To further boost innovations for a sustainable future, we are building a new state-of-the-art R&D and innovation center in Finland, next to our headquarters in Vantaa. The new center will be a unique arena for product development including all levels from starting co-innovation with customers to hardware and software design, development, and testing, after which also production to a large extent takes place at the same campus area.  

Top measurement performance requires long-term commitment and investments in R&D:


of our net sales invested in research and development (55.3 MEUR in 2021)


of our employees work in research and development (over 570 people)