Vaisala has two series of shares: series K shares and series A shares. Series A shares are traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki​ Ltd. Series A shares carry one vote at shareholders' meetings and Series K shares twenty votes each. Both series entitle their holders to an equal dividend.

  • Vaisala's shares listed in the OTC-list In 1988
  • A series shares quoted in Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange since 1994
  • 1:2 share split on April 12, 2018
  • 1:4 share split on March 23, 2000

Vaisala A shares - Nasdaq Helsinki​ Ltd.

​Segment Large cap companies
Trading code VAIAS
ISIN code ​FI0009900682
Currency​ ​EUR
Industry classification Industrials

Share codes used by news agencies
Reuters code: VAIAS.HE
Bloomberg code: VAIAS.FH

Vaisala shares are registered in the Finnish Book-Entry Register maintained by the Euroclear Finland Ltd.

>> Nasdaq ​
>> Euroclear Finland
>> Financial Supervisory Authority
>> Securities Market Association


Basic share information

Vaisala has two series of shares: Series K and Series A. Series A shares are traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki​.

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Share capital

Vaisala's share capital totals EUR 7,660,808. Vaisala has 36,436,728 shares, of which 6,731,092 are series K shares and 29,705,636 are series A shares.

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Vaisala aims to pay a stable dividend which will increase in line with net profit development. Vaisala’s goal is to maintain high solvency and to take future investment plans into account.​​

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Treasury shares and authorizations

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Share register and changes of address

Shareholders' agreements

The company’s Board of Directors is not aware of any agreements concerning the ownership of the company’s shares and the use of their voting rights.