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Moisture measurement in chemicals production and storage

In chemical industry, moisture analysis is required for ensuring smooth drying operations such as spray drying or vacuum drying. By measuring relative humidity (RH), absolute humidity, dew point and temperature, chemicals manufacturer can be certain there is no quality deviations in the produced powdered chemicals.

Moisture monitoring is also needed in storages of chemicals to preserve the quality of the final product and prevent the risk of chemical reaction and explosion. Humidity control is also crucial for preserving hygroscopic substances and preventing powder caking.

Finally, conditions monitoring, and humidity control are required for ensuring safe environment where glove boxes, reaction chambers and vacuum chambers are used.

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Inline liquid concentration measurement for chemicals processing

Measuring liquid concentration or density inline is important in the chemical industry as density variations have impact on both raw materials and finished products. 

Process safety is also mandatory, since hazardous chemicals represent a potential risk to people and the environment. While managing these challenges, chemical manufacturers strive to produce high-quality products that meet customers’ specifications. To achieve these goals, accurate process measurements, high process efficiency, low energy consumption, and state-of-the-art process control management are crucial. 

Have a look at the application examples for references of the use of the inline refractometer technology in chemicals processing.


The Vaisala Indigo family is a customizable instrument platform designed to improve process measurements

The Indigo family's key feature is modularity. It contains a selection of transmitters, interchangeable smart probes that measure various parameters, and software for easy interfacing and monitoring of data. Choose any probe and connect it with any of the transmitters, or integrate the probes into other systems.

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Robust measurement technology for improved production and storage of powdered and liquid chemicals

Accurate relative humidity and temperature measurement plays a critical role in the production and storage of chemicals in liquid and powdered form. The measurement instruments used in these processes must be able to cope with harsh conditions including high temperatures. When selecting your measurement technology, as well as reliability and accuracy it is also important to consider the lifetime cost and available installation options. 

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Leading packaging film manufacturer chooses Vaisala measurement instruments for eco-friendly packaging solution

To produce such sustainable films requires precise conditions to be maintained in the production process. This makes highly accurate temperature and humidity measurements essential, particularly during the film drying process and when finished products are stored. Futamura UK uses Vaisala measurement equipment across their site, including Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitters HMT360 in their coating towers inside their conditioners.

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eBook: Liquid concentration and density measurements for industrial chemical applications

This eBook compares two common methods of measuring liquid concentration in industrial chemical applications: refractometers and density meters. These devices use different measurement techniques and have different benefits and disadvantages... 

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