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Vaisala conducts business through a network of partners including distributors, agents and resellers in more than 150 countries. Our business operations cover a large geographical area, meaning that we also operate in countries with a demanding business environment. For this reason, we pay special attention to selecting our business partners.

Our partners are a valuable and trusted extension of the organization. That is why we provide competence development, information and tools that qualify and enable them to be ready to serve customers. Authorized partner status brings value to customers in your country, creating even more opportunities for long-term success.

We support our partners’ success by providing ongoing training, access to marketing materials, joint projects and more. 

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Weather and Environment serves weather-dependent markets where accurate, real-time, uninterrupted and reliable weather data is essential to run efficient operations. Our offerings enable customers to monitor the natural environment and support operational decision making under any weather conditions. Learn more about our Weather and Environment business.

Industrial Measurements serves customers in multiple industries who use these solutions to measure and monitor parameters such as temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, and the dissolved solids in liquids. These measurements help improve quality, efficiency and production while fulfilling regulatory compliance. Learn more about our Industrial Measurements business.

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Joining our partner network starts with your application. We will review your information and, if your organization is selected, contact you with next steps. We look forward to receiving your application! All information is kept confidential and will only be published if your company is selected as a Vaisala partner and listed in our network.

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