Strategy and long-term financial targets


Vaisala strategy image


Vaisala’s strategy focuses on driving sustainable growth and global leadership in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements. Through its products and technologies, Vaisala enables business-critical decisions and operations for its customers. Thereby, the company strongly contributes to solving global challenges related to climate change, resource efficiency, and well-being and health.   

Vaisala aims to be market leader in the markets where it operates. The company has identified four drivers for successful strategy implementation:   

  • Product and technology leadership from sensors to digital solutions   
  • Deep customer understanding and application knowhow   
  • Excellence in supply chain   
  • Purpose-driven culture and talent  

Long-term financial targets

Our target is to achieve an average annual net sales growth of 7% and an operating result margin (EBIT) of 15% during the strategy period.

Vaisala does not consider the long-term financial targets as market guidance for any given year. ​