Strategy and long-term financial targets


Vaisala drives profitable growth. Fundamentals of profitable growth are reliable products and solutions that are based on leading technologies, perform with superb quality, create value for our customers and optimize total cost of ownership.

Industrial Measurements Business Area drives profitable growth through product leadership strategy in gas and liquid measurement technologies. In addition to Business Area’s flagship markets; high-end humidity and high-end carbon dioxide, growth is sought from liquid measurements, continuous monitoring systems and power industry applications. Target is to exceed Vaisala’s average growth. Objective is to win by most reliable measurements, best customer experience, fast delivery as well as excellent sales and service capabilities.  

Weather and Environment Business Area’s strategic intent is to remain undisputable global leader for weather observations. Business Area’s strategy has four pillars: offer industry-leading products for weather observations, strive for excellence in large system project deliveries, exploit digital transformation and develop digital solutions for selected weather critical operations, and expand into environmental measurements with urban air quality as spearhead. Objective is to win by focusing R&D in instrument and weather radar offering renewal, driving growth of wind lidar business, and developing innovative digital solutions targeted to intelligent transportation market.

Vaisala Operations manufactures products for both business areas and develops operational excellence in high mix low volume supply chain through Vaisala Production System. Strategic programs are productivity improvement, early involvement to product creation, as well as scouting and deploying latest smart factory technologies.

Based on these strategic objectives Vaisala expects net sales growth during the strategy period. Growth will require new capabilities and resources in R&D, sales and marketing. In addition, amortization and depreciation expenses will increase following acquisitions and investments.

Long-term financial targets

Our objective is profitable growth with an average annual growth exceeding 5%

and operating profit margin (EBIT) exceeding 12%.

Vaisala does not consider the long-term financial targets as market guidance for any given year. ​