Disclosure Policy

Vaisala is committed to communicating actively and in a transparent manner with all its stakeholders. Vaisala's communications are based on facts and performed in a systematic, honest and equal way, without undue delay. The objective is to give a correct view of the company’s operations, operating environment, strategy, objectives and financial performance at all times.

Vaisala is a stock exchange company, who’s A series shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki​ Ltd. Vaisala complies with the guidelines and regulations of the Nasdaq Helsinki​​, the (Finnish) Financial Supervision Authority and the EU. Further, we adhere to the requirements of the Finnish Securities Markets Act and other legislation and regulations governing public companies, as well as the company’s corporate governance principles, Corporate Responsibility Policy, and Code of Conduct.

We operate under several jurisdictions and we endeavor to comply with all relevant rules and regulations. If these conflict with each other, the Finland code has preference.