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Latest hit: The science and practice of moisture in transformers – 2023 edition

The famous webinar series on moisture in transformers continues. Fully revised and updated for 2023 with the latest insights and practical lessons from around the world. Presented by Senja Leivo.

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Popular in 2022: How to choose the right humidity parameter for humidity control in HVAC systems

In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn about the humidity measurements and their impact on controls of HVAC systems. Watch this popular webinar and get tips on which parameter would be the best choice for your needs.

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For binge watching: Humidity Academy – a webinar series

Episode 1

Humidity Academy, episode 1: brief introduction to humidity

The first episode covers the basics of humidity, including relative humidity, dew point, and frost point with examples. We go over the different quantities used for industrial humidity measurements and give suggestions on selecting parameters for different applications.

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Episode 2

Humidity Academy, episode 2: Science-based accuracy of humidity measurements

In this episode of Vaisala’s Humidity Academy webinar series, Nevon Mansour, Hannu Sairanen, and Ilona Pohjavirta-Schmidt will discuss how accuracy of a humidity instrument is ensured and what is the role of the International System of Units (SI).

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Episode 3

Humidity Academy, episode 3: Calibration planning and life-cycle maintenance of humidity instruments

The third episode covers calibration basics and planning the life-cycle maintenance of humidity instruments. Our Application Engineer Nevon Mansour and scientists Ilona Pohjavirta-Schmidt & Hannu Sairanen discuss their secrets on those topics, and you will also hear tips on quick field-maintenance possibilities that anyone can perform on their own.

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Episode 4

Humidity Academy, episode 4: Vaisala Humidity Calculator for parameter conversion

In this episode of Humidity Academy Nevon Mansour and Joni Partanen will take us to Vaisala’s humidity laboratory and we will experience firsthand concrete examples of how to use the Vaisala’s Humidity Calculator to convert from parameter to another, and witness how changes in ambient conditions affect different parameters.


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More about the Humidity Academy webinar series

Throughout the series, different Vaisala’s experts will share their knowledge and examples on humidity theory and measurements, as well as on maintaining audit-proof measurement instruments with long life-cycles. The series is suitable for all levels of expertise. 

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Emerging trend: New, innovative uses of lidar in wind energy

What are some new, emerging use cases for lidar? Join us to learn how these versatile remote sensing solutions are being used in new and innovative ways. Our team of experts discusses the highlights of the OWA GloBE project, and the results of a collaborative project performed at the Hywind Scottland floating wind farm. Get an overview of an innovative tool to estimate possible complex flow lidar errors, and more!

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