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Latest hit: Efficient cathode drying in battery manufacturing

As battery manufacturers know, cathode drying is one of the most energy-intensive operations in battery manufacturing consuming up to approximately ~45 % of the total energy consumption in a dry room. Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize this processing step. 

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For binge watching: Humidity Academy – a webinar series

In the Humidity Academy webinar series different Vaisala’s experts will share their knowledge and examples on humidity theory and measurements, as well as on maintaining audit-proof measurement instruments with long life-cycles. The series is suitable for all levels of expertise.

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Popular in 2023: How to measure CO2 for improved energy efficiency in HVAC systems

Watch this 40-minute webinar to learn about the carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements and their impact on controls of HVAC systems.

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Join us to see how three industry giants are leading with lidar

WindCube customers continue to demonstrate how lidar is leveraged in a variety of wind projects, supporting the increasing acceptance of lidar across the globe. Join us as three wind energy leaders discuss how lidar is positively impacting their wind campaigns, yielding measurable benefits and long-term results.

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Lifetime solar farm ROI - Unlock maximum performance with smart solar irradiance and weather insights

Join Vaisala industry experts for an in-depth discussion on the new Vaisala Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition: Combining high-quality measurements, data collection and connectivity so you can monitor the impact of weather and improve every stage of your solar power plant’s performance.

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Striking distance: How weather and lightning data supports safe, efficient offshore helicopter operations

Business is booming in the world’s oceans and helicopters are essential to their success — but weather can cause big, expensive delays. Today, real-time lightning detection and alerts integrated with advanced weather monitoring provide critical data for optimizing offshore helicopter operations, efficient planning, risk assessment, and protecting life and assets.

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