Vaisala Whistleblowing Channel

Vaisala values integrity and promotes sustainable and transparent business conduct, while seeking to maintain high business ethics in all its actions.

To ensure the high level of ethics, Vaisala encourages its internal and external stakeholders to report possible concerns they observe. Reporting concerns helps Vaisala to detect any misconduct at an early stage and take actions accordingly.

Reporting a concern through Vaisala Whistleblowing Channel

Concerns regarding violation of the law or Vaisala Code of Conduct can be reported through Vaisala Whistleblowing Channel. You do not have to have firm evidence for expressing a suspicion. However, the report should be made honestly and in good faith.

Reported concern can be made under your own name or anonymously. However, we encourage you to report your concern through Vaisala Whistleblowing Channel under your own name, as all reports are handled with strict confidentiality.

In case of common business enquiries, customer complaints or product support requests, please use the general Contact Form.

Processing whistleblowing reports

Vaisala Whistleblowing Channel does not track IP-addresses or other information that could identify the reporter. All information, reports, and follow-up questions are encrypted, and password protected.

Vaisala's Whistleblowing Channel

Whistleblower protection under the Whistleblower Act

Whistleblowers are protected. Protection prohibits retaliation against whistleblowers. Whistleblowing Act provides whistleblowers with additional protection that strengthens the prohibition of retaliation against whistleblowers. 

There are three general requirements for receiving whistleblower protection under the Whistleblower Act:

At the time of the report, the whistleblower must have a legitimate reason to believe that the information they are sharing is true.

The information must be included in the scope of the Whistleblower Act.

The reported matter must have been observed in the course of whistleblower’s work.

Other misconducts not included in the Whistleblower Act can also be reported through Vaisala’s Whistleblowing Channel. Vaisala will handle them according to the same principles as far as possible. There will be no retaliation against anyone who raises a concern or makes a report of suspected wrongdoing in good faith.

Vaisala's Whistleblowing Channel is the primary reporting channel for concerns in Vaisala’s operations. However, if you believe that your report has not resulted in measures within the time prescribed or that it is not being handled effectively, you can also report the breach to the competent authority via the external reporting channel. In this case, the Office of the Chancellor of Justice acts as a centralized external reporting channel.