Corporate Governance Statement

Vaisala’s corporate governance system is based on, and complies with, the laws of Finland and Vaisala’s Articles of Association. The company complies with the rules, regulations and guidelines for listed companies issued by Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd and Finnish Supervisory Authority as well as Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2010 published by the Securities Market Association. 

The Vaisala Board of Directors has approved this Corporate Governance statement in its meeting on February 8, 2017. The auditing firm Deloitte & Touche Oy, the Company's auditor, has verified that the statement has been issued and that the general description of internal audit and risk management systems associated with the financial reporting process conforms to the financial statements.

The code is available on the Securities Market Association website

Deviations from the Recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code and the Explanations for These Deviations​

The term of the members of Vaisala’s Board of Directors deviates from the Recommendation 10 of Corporate Governance Code, which recommends a term of one year. The term of the Vaisala’s member of the Board of Directors is determined in accordance with its Articles of Association. Under the Articles of Association, a member’s term is three years, beginning at the close of the General Meeting in which the member is elected and ending at the close of the third subsequent Annual General Meeting. 

A longer term of office of the Board members is justified by the long-term development of Vaisala’s business as well as by the nature of the business. The practice has worked well and Vaisala’s shareholders are committed to it.

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