CO₂ Probe GMP251

 Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251
GMP251 with Indigo 200 host and mobile phone

CO₂ Probe GMP251

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251 is an intelligent, stand-alone, %-level probe for measuring CO2 in life science incubators, cold storages, fruit and vegetable transportation, and in all demanding applications where stable and accurate percentage-level CO2 measurements are needed. The operating temperature range is -40 … +60 °C and the measurement range is 0 … 20%CO2.

The GMP251 probe can also be connected to the Indigo 200 Series host devices to extend its features, for example, for a display or relays.

The GMP251 replaces the following discontinued products: GMM221, GMP221 and GMT221.

Key Benefits

Easy to use and clean
The GMP251 is a all-in-one probe, which makes it easy and fast to install. The probe is resistant to dust and most chemicals, such as, H2O2 and alcohol-based cleaning agents. The probe's surface is smooth, which makes it easy to clean.
Reliable and accurate
With the wide operating temperature range, the GMP251 is suitable for a large number of applications. The probe provides accurate and stable measurements also in varying conditions.