At Vaisala, we want to promote a culture that supports the well-being of our employees and good collaboration at work. Our employees value the opportunities for good work-life balance as well as the meaningful challenges and outstanding supervisory work.

At Vaisala, we regard meaningful work, good team spirit, great leadership, balanced workload and safe working conditions as important elements of well-being. We believe that each individual has the most essential impact on his or her own well-being. The goal of our well-being activities is to support our professionals in managing their work, ensuring the sufficient recovery and leading healthy lifestyle in general. We arrange and fund local activities to support the well-being and health of our people, such as the Vaisala FIT program in the U.S. and sports and recreational clubs in Finland.

Keeping track of well-being

Employee well-being is measured regularly in Vaisala employee surveys. The results show that Vaisala employees find their work meaningful and they feel that they are appreciated. There is some room for development in ensuring that workloads are manageable. In 2019, Vaisala Well-Being Index score was 3.97 on a scale of 1–5 and increased a little compared to 2018. 

Great leadership

One of Vaisala’s key strengths is the competence of its middle management and team leaders. They regularly score above our peer companies in annual personnel surveys. We invest in good leadership by offering comprehensive training for our managers and supporting them in their work. Many of our development programs focus on generating great leadership, fostering a healthy workplace culture, and supporting a good work-life balance.