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The trusted leader in providing reference grade lightning detection data, software, and systems, enabling you to operate efficiently and safely, or build robust forecast models.


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fewer sensors needed for greater accuracy with reduced maintenance

    Real-time lightning detection & data



    For more than 30 years, Vaisala has created the most accurate lightning detection products and services. Our customers trust Vaisala technology to help them make critical operational and safety decisions based on real-time storm and lightning data. Whatever your needs, the Vaisala team can help you create your own monitoring network or leverage the power of our real-time global lightning data.

    Applications include:

    • Warning for personnel safety
    • Analysis for Asset Damage and Wildfire
    • Meteorology and Forecasting Severe Weather

    Warning for personnel safety

    Lightning on the tarmac


    Worker safety and operational efficiency represent chief priorities for most organizations. When it comes to severe weather threats and disruptions, Vaisala offers a reliable, comprehensive, and streamlined way to maximize both safety and operational efficiency.

    Analysis for asset damage and wildfire

    Wind turbine with lightning


    Hundreds of billions of dollars of damage globally each year from thunderstorms alone. At least 1/3 of power outages are caused by thunderstorms, and lightning causes the majority of wildfire acreage burned.

    Vaisala provides accurate and reliable lightning data to support organizations in power transmission and wind energy, and helps land and forestry agencies manage the impact of thunderstorms.

    Meteorology and forecasting severe weather

    IRIS Focus Remote Sensing Software

    With an increasing demand to understand ever-changing meteorological phenomena, the need to dig deeper into weather data to make well-informed decisions is stronger than ever.

    Vaisala provides the best accuracy for your system through cost-efficient and simple management, top quality and highly precise lightning detection networks, and visualization tools.

    Lightning fast facts



    Learn how with better understanding of lightning through precise detection, we can tell where, when, and how often it occurs, and take action based on this information.

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