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You'll reach Vaisala Communications by email at [email protected]. Our mailbox is monitored daily from Monday to Friday. We will answer as soon as we can.
The email here is for contacting Communications. Please send quotation requests through our Contact Form.
Personal email addresses: [email protected]

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Vaisala Xweather media kit

Launched on September 29 (EEST), Vaisala Xweather is a suite of services providing real-time and hyperlocal weather and environmental data to predict and solve challenges from lightning-triggered wildfires to weather-related car accidents. With advanced machine learning models and intelligent sensors, Xweather helps a broad range of industries and developers with new levels of data accuracy and actionable environmental insight.

Vaisala Xweather media kit includes a press release, pictures, videos and useful links for media.

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Vaisala photos and logo files for use in media. 
Please note that the photos are not for commercial use. Copyright Vaisala and the source must always be mentioned.

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