Solutions for semiconductor process, facility monitoring and control

Semiconductor wafer and microelectronics fabrication is a demanding process with little room for mistakes. The industry depends on high-performing monitoring and measurement instrumentation for precise chemical compositions and atmospheric conditions. 

Vaisala offering for semiconductor manufacturing 

Vaisala offering for semiconductor

Vaisala offers trusted and reliable measurements for semiconductor manufacturers and MEMS foundries, semiconductor equipment vendors, fab operators, and material suppliers. 

The semicon process refractometers are for in-line concentration monitoring in bulk chemical and slurry delivery dispensing, and point-of-use blending, spiking, and polishing processes. 

Vaisala's accurate measurement instruments of air pressure, temperature, and humidity provide precise data on the manufacturing environment and offer superior accuracy, long-term stability, and rapid response time.

Semiconductor - Wafer

Wet chemistries real-time

Semiconductor wafer plants consume tons of chemicals throughout the whole fab process. The reliability of each chemical solution is top concern of fabs, as even the slightest deviation from specification can result in expensive equipment contamination and wafer scrap. 


Wafer quality in photolithography

Integrated circuit pattern quality in semiconductor manufacturing depends on the stepper conditions. Enhance precision air conditioning and wafer stepper process capacity with accurate air pressure, temperature, and humidity measurement.

N2 gasline

Compressed air and N2 process lines

If you are using compressed air or nitrogen process lines, dew point measurement will help you save resources by avoiding excessive air drying and corrosion of the equipment. Vaisala’s DRYCAP technology enables quick response time with accuracy and low maintenance needs.

Facility control

Facility control

Insufficient ventilation decreases not only employee well-being but also productivity substantially, as much 18%. With accurate humidity, CO2, and temperature measurement using reliable, durable, and traceable HVAC sensors, both energy efficiency and employee well-being can be achieved simultaneously.

Why Vaisala?

Vaisala is a deep expert of the semiconductor industry and a trusted partner for our customers. We have a thorough, inside-out understanding of the business by designing and manufacturing products to different critical semiconductor processes from chemicals and process quality monitoring to ambient air monitoring. Our process understanding is completed by our own in-house cleanroom and manufacturing high-quality microchips to Vaisala products and for R&D purposes. Vaisala is committed to supporting products throughout the entire lifecycle, and superior services and support is offered locally near you.