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Detect top-priority pollutants across cities and industries with AQT560

AQT560 is a compact air quality sensor for measuring gasses and particles. The sensor excels in accurately providing PM1 concentrations for sources primarily influenced by combustion (such as traffic, residential wood burning, and wildfires), PM2.5 concentrations dominated by long-range transport, and PM10 concentrations driven by abrasive processes (such as road dust, sandstorms, construction, and mining).

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    Environmental Intelligence

    Vaisala Beam Weather Station BWS500


    With the right access to the right information, people become more aware, active, and committed. They gain a deeper connection to their environment and new ways of thinking about business and community. The solutions you see on this webpage reflect important guiding principles:


    1. Build exceptional products grounded in science and innovation
    2. Create insight every day
    3. Be champions for smarter, safer, more sustainable urban communities
    4. Offer inspired solutions rooted in the Finnish way

    We began 85+ years ago in true Finnish character with honesty, curiosity, and determination. Today, we continue to explore the unknown, expand the boundaries of knowledge, and create smarter, more sustainable living.

    Air Quality



    Connecting people to the environment and improving community health starts with access to education and reliable information. By providing helpful air pollution insights and weather intelligence, Vaisala’s world-class air quality monitoring capabilities improve decision-making and empower stakeholders in communities across the world.

    Our goal is to create a shared investment in community health. With comprehensive, professional-grade air quality management and measurement solutions, you can dive deeper into the sources and fluctuations of emissions, mitigate risks with visibility into top-priority air pollutants, and drive down exposure to pollution hotspots.


    Smart Cities

    Smart cities - 3D city planning


    At its heart, having a smart city means planning preventive maintenance and optimizing resources to maximize well-being. Think innovation, participation, collaboration and coordination between all stakeholders – especially residents.

    We provide accurate, reliable measurement solutions and actionable insights that help you make better decisions to improve your city. With smart applications that integrate weather and air quality sensors, street lights can provide insights while charging electric vehicles. Traffic surveillance camera systems can reveal how rush hour affects local pollution. Transportation and traffic management systems can reduce congestion. See how AI and sensors combine to enable real solutions that can help you make your city a better place to live and work.


    Industrial Applications

    Oil Refinery


    Industries around the world including mining, power plants and oil & gas are working to understand and mitigate the impact of air pollution, while finding new ways to operate efficiently in the face of extreme weather.

    Because weather affects the concentration and movement of pollutants, it is important to measure both — for understanding current conditions and uncovering historical trends. This data can help organizations fulfill regulatory compliance, optimize pollution mitigation measures and save costs, secure workforce health and improve public communication and outreach.

    Other atmospheric parameters that affect operational efficiency and power output include air quality, water temperature, air pressure and humidity. These insights empower decision-makers to drive production planning and output efficiency, enhance the capability to forecast supply and demand, and improve safety and resiliency against severe weather events.

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    Security Brief: Weather observation network safety

    Learn how Vaisala is providing trustworthy and reliable weather data with industry-leading IoT security for a better connected world.


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