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Reliability is a priority in building automation systems, and Vaisala’s HVAC sensors and transmitters are built to perform.

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Premium sensors and transmitters for professional use

You will find humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide, and differential pressure transmitters in our selection of high-class measurement instruments. The transmitters are especially beneficial in cooling and air-conditioning of critical infrastructures, demand-controlled ventilation systems, indoor air quality monitoring, and ventilation controls of sites with high-reliability requirements. 

Why choose Vaisala HVAC measurements?

  • Unrivaled performance. Transmitters from Vaisala are renowned for their unrivaled performance, reliable results, and low total cost of ownership. 
  • 5-year warranty. We are confident in our products' lasting quality and long lifetime and offer a standard warranty period of five years on our HVAC transmitters. 
  • A sustainable choice. The long-lasting performance, support for field calibration, easy maintenance, exchangeable measurement components, and precise measurements enable better control of HVAC processes.
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Vaisala's reliable and accurate HVAC meters and sensors are designed with energy efficiency in mind, whether you are optimizing cooling towers or demand-controlled ventilation. Our large selection includes ±3% and ±2% humidity and temperature measurement HVAC meters, CO2 measurement sensors and also handheld meters. They can be used indoors and outdoors, and installed on walls or in ventilation ducts. To see where our HVAC sensors can be used, enter the Vaisala HVAC House or view all our HVAC sensors at a glance.

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Why Infosys chose Vaisala?

Infosys, the second largest Indian IT-consulting company with 200,000 plus employees and revenue of over USD 10 billion, chose Vaisala’s HVAC sensors for its projects.

“We find that Vaisala is unique with the 5-year stability specification for the HVAC products. In the last 3 years we have been using the products, we have received  timely support from Vaisala and are quite satisfied with the product quality”, says Mr. Vikas Makkar, Regional Manager Infrastructure Team at Infosys.

Photo: Courtesy of Infosys.


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Easy Installation of HVAC Sensors

You have several HVAC meter options to choose from to best suit your needs. We have a wide selection of wall-mounted and duct-mounted HVAC meters for indoor and outdoor use. Which ever meter, sensor or transmitter you choose, they are all easy to install and require very little maintenance. Watch video on how to install the Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMW90 sensor and see how fast and easy it is.


CARBOCAP® Technology inside

Vaisala uses a single-beam and dual-wavelength NDIR (Non-dispersive infrared) technology for measuring CO2, The patented CARBOCAP® technology is used in all our CO2 sensors. This technology incorporates a unique tunable band pass filter that was developed by Vaisala and is manufactured in our own state-of-the-art cleanroom.  View this video to find out why it's unique and why it makes the Vaisala COmeasurement the most reliable and accurate one on the market or learn more on our carbon dioxide page.

HVAC product highlights


Weather Transmitter WXT530 Series

The perfect mix of accurate air pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, and wind direction data to measure weather conditions without the expense or magnitude of an automatic weather station.
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Jade Smart Cloud

Combining industrial-grade measurements with secure and reliable wireless monitoring, Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud brings new levels of proficiency and flexibility for professionals.

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Vaisala HVAC transmitters

The unique, cutting-edge Vaisala sensor technologies are manifested throughout our versatile range of products. The accuracy and long-term stability of Vaisala sensors are absolutely the best of class within the industry.

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In this webinar, Michael Gantert from Munters and Anu Kätkä from Vaisala will discuss the importance of measurement accuracy to maximize energy efficiency of data centers. 

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How to choose the right humidity parameter for humidity control in HVAC systems

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