Integrity lies at the core of Vaisala's values, together with the promotion of sustainable and transparent business practices. Vaisala's Code of Conduct guides Vaisala's global business operations and establishes the ethical framework to guide employees in their daily business activities and decisions. 

Vaisala also requires its suppliers and other business partners to comply with applicable laws and similar business values as itself as further described in Vaisala's Supplier Code of Conduct.

The compliance Function aims to ensure that Vaisala complies with the requirements set on it to preserve its financial worth in a sustainable manner. Compliance risk assessment directs all Compliance Functions actions. The compliance Function aims to prevent, identify and correct possible wrongdoing following applicable laws, regulations and Vaisala's internal rules.

Compliance Function supports Vaisala's management in their responsibility for compliance risk management. It likewise supports organizational unit management in identifying and managing compliance risks related to their operations.

Vaisala's Compliance Officer is under Vaisala's General Counsel. The Compliance Officer reports regularly on compliance-related matters to the CEO, the VLT, and to the Board of Directors' Audit Committee. Reports on suspected misconducts received via the company's externally operated and other reporting channels are investigated in accordance with applicable laws and Vaisala's Corporation Whistleblowing Policy.