Lidar changes everything

WindCube® is the most trusted and widely used lidar in wind energy, aviation weather, and meteorology. Rigorously validated and extraordinarily flexible, it is disrupting and improving these industries.

Explore the WindCube family of solutions based on your industry:

Wind Park

Wind Energy

Trusted globally by developers, operators, manufacturers, and service providers, WindCube provides the reliable wind data companies need to thrive.

Airplane landing vortex

Aviation Weather

Windshear, turbulence, and more: WindCube gives ATC, pilots, and other stakeholders the reliable wind data and alerting they need most.

Bridge in Fog


Wind lidar fills important gaps in modern meteorological forecasting, accurately assessing the boundary layer and other crucial factors.


Vaisala wind lidars give offshore companies accurate, reliable vertical profiling wind data aboard vessels so they can maintain safe and efficient operations.