Hydrogen (H2) Measurement and Monitoring

Why to Measure Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a general gas that is generated in various transformer faults. Hydrogen measurement is used for example as a simple early warning indicator in power transformers before actual failure occurs. 

What Makes Our Hydrogen Measurement Unique?

The Vaisala MHT410 combines a pair of thin film sensors with a temperature sensor to provide direct real-time measurement of the Hydrogen and Moisture in oil.  Most importantly, by using the sensors in line in the oil, you get long-term field operation with no consumables or maintenance costs.

  • Hydrogen measured directly in oil.
  • Humicap® Sensor measures true relative saturation (%RS) in oil.
  • Highly selective sensors immune to oil contaminants.
  • No membrane or other consumables.
  • No pumps or mechanical parts to maintain.

Online DGA-Monitoring – Vaisala’s solution

In this free of charge webinar, we’ll review some of the basics of dissolved gas analysis in power transformers. 
We’ll focus on Vaisala’s solution and introduce the Vaisala DGA Monitor Optimus in more detail.

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Benefits of Hydrogen Measurement

Real-Time View

Online monitoring of hydrogen and moisture in the insulating oil of power transformers provides a real-time view of transformer condition. Real time date ensures that maintenance is optimized.

Extended Lifetime

Continuous monitoring of hydrogen and moisture with an in-situ probe is the first step in extending the lifetime of a transformer through implementation of condition based maintenance (CBM) practices, leading to a lower total cost of ownership.


With Hydrogen and Moisture monitoring solutions, like the MHT410 from Vaisala, you get highly selective sensors that provide no false alarms, as well as no consumables or mechanical parts, resulting in reliable long-term operation.

Hydrogen Measurement Insight and Materials