HVAC transmitters for better indoor environments

Reliability is a priority in building automation. Sensors and transmitters from Vaisala are renowned for their unrivalled performance, reliable results, and low total cost of ownership.

HMT120/130 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters TMT120/130

Temperature transmitters TMT120 and TMT130 offer accurate, reliable measurement capability with easily exchangeable probe. For demanding HVAC applications

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Jade Smart Cloud

Combining industrial-grade measurements with secure and reliable wireless monitoring, Vaisala Jade Smart Cloud brings new levels of proficiency and flexibility for professionals.

HMS80 Series Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMS80

A reliable basic outdoor humidity sensor for a pole or wall installation. Dew point, wet bulb and enthalpy outputs can be selected by dip switch instead of the default RH output. 5-year warranty is valid for instruments purchased in 2021 and beyond.

Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP110 with cable

Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP110

The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP110 is a trouble-free and cost-effective humidity transmitter with high accuracy and good stability. The power consumption is low and it has fast startup for battery-powered applications.