Winter Road Maintenance

Actionable insights for more efficient winter road maintenance

Winter weather is a threat to safe and efficient travel, and it can cause damage to road networks. To make informed road management decisions, you need effective monitoring solutions and timely access to accurate surface condition data and accurate road weather forecasts for snow and ice events.

Vaisala’s road weather instruments and intelligence, including road weather stations, mobile road weather sensors, wireless IoT sensors, and observation enhanced road weather forecasts across all your network, provide highly accurate data when you need it the most.

  • Ice or snow formation
  • Frost on bridges
  • Black ice or refreezing of moisture
  • Depth of water or snow
  • Friction or grip
  • Chemical concentration
  • The freeze point of surface

Get actionable insights and experience confident proactive operations to deploy scarce resources efficiently, increase road mobility and reduce the environmental impact. Meet budgetary and performance metrics while increasing worker safety and decreasing their time spent on the road.

The hybrid approach to intelligent winter road maintenance

Vaisala’s hybrid road network solution harnesses the power of accurate observations, fueled by our road weather stations, IoT, and mobile sensors. It fuses local sensor data with unmatched forecasting intelligence models and advanced visualization in Wx Horizon.

The result: Observation-enhanced forecasts help transportation agencies make confident, data-driven decisions to optimize winter road maintenance.

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