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The food and beverage industry is in transformation towards a more sustainable future. For better informed decisions, reliable measurement data is needed.

From primary production all the way to your table, Vaisala offers an eye into the unknown.

We provide reliable measurement data for critical parameters impacting the quality, flavor, safety and nutritional value of food & beverages — now and in the future.

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Latest in Vaisala food science

Thinking green. The future of food? 
The food & beverage industry is facing pressure on all sides. Demands for sustainability, safety and healthiness are complemented by the pressing need to be part of the solution in our climate crisis.

Our expert article covers what tackling the challenges of feeding an increasingly urban and affluent global population entails. 


Vaisala Food & Science

Webcast: The future of food

How will our food be produced? Can food production help alleviate the climate crisis? Will vertical and urban farming change our landscape? Could vat-grown meat make food crises a thing of the past? What will we eat on Mars?

All these and more is covered in an intensively visionary panel discussion. Together with Dr. Lauri Reuter, Ph.D. a visionary biotechnology scientist of Singularity University and Vaisala's Jutta Hakkarainen & Maria Uusimaa, directors of Liquid Measurements and Industrial Instruments, respectively, talk about tackling the megatrend-level challenges facing not just the food & beverage industry, but all of our planet.

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Agriculture & primary production

Today's farmers are managers who need to ensure stable conditions for a good yield of high-quality produce and animal welfare.

Monitoring carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity, and temperature sets conditions in greenhouses and vertical farming facilities, as well as inside livestock facilities to a new level of primary agricultural production.

Discover our solutions for primary production and agriculture.


Transportation, storage & safety

Shelf-life of produce, its freshness, taste and safety for consumption are greatly defined by the transportation and storage conditions. Accurate monitoring and control of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide ensure proper preservation of food items, timely ripening of fruits and vegetables and seasonal food variety for consumers in different destinations and working safety for storage and production personnel.

Discover our solutions for storage, transportation and safety.  


Food & beverages processing

Here you will find information on how to enable sustainability and efficiency of food and beverages processing.

Measure the critical processing parameters such as in-line Brix and dry solids or total solids in liquid food and beverages processing, humidity and dew point in drying processes, and carbon dioxide (CO2) in production and refrigeration facilities, and ensure efficiency and safety of production, eliminate food waste and reduce use of energy.

Discover our solutions for food and beverages processing. 


Retail & hospitality

For maintaining high product quality, productivity, safety and overall well-being of the staff, customers and contractors, and to achieve operational cost efficiency and reduce environmental footprint, food retail needs to be equipped with reliable and stable carbon dioxide monitoring instruments that offer low cost of ownership. For example, refrigerator leakage can be controlled using our probes with a unique certified technology.

Discover our solutions for food retail.


Food waste to value

The agricultural waste from primary production and food waste from the processing can be used to produce biogas. As by-products of the anaerobic digestion, high nutrient-content fertilizer is received and can be used by farms to replace resource-heavy fertilizers. The biogas, in its turn, can be used to generate electricity and district heating. 

Moreover, the biogas can be upgraded to fuel-grade biomethane.

Discover our solutions for biogas and biomethane production. 


Take an extra bite on the topic!

Join our Future of Food webcast

Welcome to join the panel discussion on the megatrends and future of food together with Dr. Lauri Reuter, Ph.D. a visionary biotechnology scientist of Singularity University, and Vaisala's Jutta Hakkarainen & Maria Uusimaa, directors of Liquid and Industrial Measurements respectively.


Dive into the details in Food Science eBook

The brand new Science of Food eBook takes you on a powerful, yet concise tour through the most topical challenges in food, beverage and agriculture industries, and explains how to turn them into opportunities. Learn how to make data-based decisions and set for sustainability in food production.

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Our solutions for the future of food

Discover Vaisala's robust technology for measuring in-line Brix, total solids or liquid concentration, humidity, temperature or dew point, carbon dioxide (CO2) or methane (CH4). See our hand-picked solutions for food, beverage and agriculture in the Food Family brochure.


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The best thing since sliced bread – how humidity measurements increase baking efficiency

To get the perfect loaf of bread you need to ensure you’re baking at the correct temperature with the right level of humidity. To do this requires stable, reliable, and accurate measurement instruments that can help ensure optimal product quality and consistency even at very high temperatures.

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How and why to measure CO2 accurately?

Depending on the environment and process, CO2 concentration is typically measured in ppm (parts per million) or percentage %-levels. In closed processes such as fermentation, incubators, and controlled atmosphere storage CO2 is measured in percentage levels.

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Monitoring of CO2 in food and beverage industry

Accurate data on the CO2 level enables better decision-making for more sustainable food production, storage, and logistics. In this webinar, we discuss how safety, productivity and quality of food products can be substantially improved with the help of reliable CO2 measurement using a unique CARBOCAP® technology. 

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Carbon dioxide monitoring – the essential secret ingredient in the food chain

Let’s take a look at some of the places along the food chain where CO2 is monitored and see how keeping a close watch on it helps to ensure safety, sustainability – and delicious food and drinks. 

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Expert Article

The future is so close we can already taste it

An expert article on the future of food, pt. 2.

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The future of food and the role of measurement technology in it

Measurement technology is key to the health of people and the planet, as well as to improving yields and increasing production and resource efficiency, all of which decrease the carbon footprint of our food.

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Refresh yourself! Measurement technology behind your after-work drinks and snacks

In-line Brix measurement is the best way to ensure quality and consistency in mixed beverages, not to mention maximizing production efficiency and optimizing costs.

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Sausage, sauce and beer - technology behind production of all-time favorite BBQ ingredients

A sneak peek behind the production of barbecue specials - sausages, ketchup, and beer 

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Food & beverage – art or science?

In the following article we will focus on how science is driving the food and beverage industry, and in particular, how Vaisala’s technologies are helping to optimize sustainable food production.

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Webcast: the future of food

Together with Dr. Lauri Reuter, Ph.D. a visionary biotechnology scientist, we discuss tackling the megatrend-level challenges facing not just the food & beverage industry, but all of our planet.

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Expert article

We are what we eat, but what are we eating?

An expert article on the future of food, pt. 1.

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How to measure crucial process parameters for efficient spray drying

Spray drying is a common sight in the manufacture of dairy products like whey protein concentrate (WPC) and lactose as well as in pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

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Why choose Vaisala?

Vaisala is a leading provider of industrial measurement and instrumentation solutions for the food, beverage, and agriculture industries. We have over 80-years’ experience in designing and manufacturing reliable, high-quality instruments and can help you achieve efficiency and sustainability with accurate, high-precision control and monitoring equipment that complies with the strictest hygiene requirements. All Vaisala products are manufactured under strictly controlled conditions at our manufacturing facility in Finland.