Ensure safe and smooth maritime operations with Vaisala's diverse port, coastal, ship, helideck, and offshore weather monitoring instruments and systems.


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    Weather and environmental insights are the greatest catalysts for successful maritime operations—onshore and offshore. From sensors to systems and digital services, Vaisala provides actionable insights that empower stakeholders to confidently meet new challenges and harness new opportunities. Our globally trusted maritime weather solutions enable remarkable efficiency gains, digital transformation, the protection of people and investments while supporting clean and responsible operations.

    Master the weather, master the sea

    Maritime master weather


    Vaisala enables stakeholders to harness incredible new possibilities while facing increased severe weather risks driven by climate change. We do this by providing the most advanced weather and environmental insights available anywhere. Guided by our weather measurement expertise, we’re advancing maritime operations and empowering today’s leaders to master the sea like never before.

    Currents of innovation

    Maritime is evolving, and the currents of innovation are taking us to a more sustainable and weather-aware industry. Vaisala is the world’s most trusted partner for helping maritime leaders navigate this evolution. Fueled by our proven scientific leadership and innovative spirit, we have led the way in providing unparalleled weather and environmental solutions across a multitude of industries for generations. We give maritime stakeholders the most comprehensive weather intelligence available so they can innovate across their entire ecosystem to protect of people, resources, and infrastructures.

    Oceans of insight

    The maritime industry is a complex ecosystem, with valuable information to be found everywhere. In the atmosphere. In the water. In the movements and topographies of the sea. In complex offshore and onshore hubs of commerce. Vaisala’s integrated, end-to-end weather solutions are uniquely capable of transforming oceans of information into concrete, practical insights to enable better decision making. These insights turn uncertainty into confidence, risk into readiness, and potential into power. Our preeminent weather technologies give maritime stakeholders a new competitive advantage: the ability to derive previously unattainable insights from everything around them.


    Champions for sustainability

    Maritime partners


    Vaisala partners with maritime stakeholders to support a proactive, informed approach to navigating sustainability initiatives. Our unsurpassed onshore and offshore weather intelligence helps the maritime industry achieve cleaner and more responsible operations, stay ahead of regulatory pressures, and confidently manage risks related to extreme weather. This partnership also strengthens the health of Earth’s oceanic ecosystems and the communities of which we are all part.

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    Onshore and Offshore Observation Challenges? There’s a Better Way.

    We’ll show you how to improve operations and safety with complete maritime weather and environmental monitoring systems. Our broad range of scalable solutions keeps you on task and costs down.

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