Modbus 101

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Digital communication may sound complicated, expensive, and difficult to implement. Join this webinar where our experts will give an introduction to the Modbus protocol and address the questions below:

  • What does digital communication mean?
  • How does digital communication differ from analog outputs?
  • What are benefits of the digital communication compared to analog outputs?
  • How to get started?

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Webinar speakers: Joni Partanen and Paul Daniel

This is a part of a set of webinars and will be run by one or both of the speakers

Joni Partanen

Joni Partanen

Product Manager

Joni Partanen is a Product Manager at Vaisala. He is responsible for the development of humidity and vaporized hydrogen peroxide measuring products. He has over 16 years of experience in process industry measurement technology, industrial engineering, and instrumentation. Joni holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Automation Technology. 

Paul Daniel, Vaisala

Senior GxP Regulatory Compliance Expert

Paul Daniel has worked in the GMP-regulated industries for over 25 years helping manufacturers apply good manufacturing practices in a wide range of qualification projects.  His specialties include mapping, monitoring, and computerized systems.  At Vaisala, Paul oversees and guides the validation program for the Vaisala viewLinc environmental monitoring system.  He serves as a customer advocate to ensure the viewLinc environmental monitoring system matches the demanding requirements of life science and regulated applications.  Paul is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley, with a bachelor’s degree in biology.

Introduction to the Modbus protocol - MODBUS-101 - Webinar teaser