Complete line-up of aviation weather and runway management solutions ensuring safe and efficient airport operations in all conditions.


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    Airport Weather

    Aviation weather management and runway management solutions from Vaisala are comprehensive, automated, and scalable to keep airport operations running smoothly no matter what kind of weather or conditions you encounter.

    We understand the critical need for accurate situational awareness — including lightning, windshear, RVR, weather radar, and more — and we deliver superior and reliable real-time data so air traffic controllers, pilots, and airport personnel can make informed decisions to keep flights, airports, surrounding areas, and ground operations safe and efficient.

    Our AviMet weather detection and observing systems adhere to FAA, ICAO, and WMO standards, regulations, and recommendations to help you meet compliance requirements.


    Aviation Weather

    aviation weather; aviation weather radar; aviation weather management

    Aviation weather management from Vaisala maintains airport safety and operational efficiency in all kinds of weather conditions. Control your costs while accessing accurate, real-time weather information and situational awareness — in a single, complete AviMet weather management solution.


    Adverse Weather

    aviation weather; aviation weather radar; aviation weather management

    Extreme weather is dangerous for airports, and causes cost-prohibitive, inconvenient delays. Vaisala offers complete aviation weather management solutions to make operations safer and more efficient when severe conditions including lightning and windshear set in.


    Runway Maintenance

    aviation weather; aviation weather radar; aviation weather management

    Runway safety is vital, and continues to be aviation’s number-one safety concern. On top of this challenge, being able to operate at full capacity dramatically impacts operation costs. Vaisala understands both concerns regarding airport operations, and offers complete runway visibility measurement and management solutions that keep you functional and safe, while also simplifying your runway visual range (RVR) reporting.


    A new approach: Total insights for approach area weather

    Radar, lidar, lightning detection and decision support software combine for total weather awareness and high-resolution nowcasting to support the highest levels of safety and efficiency.

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    Ready to solve your aviation weather management challenges?

    Vaisala offers complete, automated, reliable solutions for all your needs. Our scalable solutions have everything it takes to improve safety and operational efficiency for any size airport. Get started now.


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