Weather for Drones

Take off, land, and navigate drones safely through high winds using precise hyperlocal multi-weather sensors.

Safe and Efficient Drone Transport

Mitigate wind hazards with wind models created on the basis of lidar data to plan the safest and most cost-efficient drone operations.

Wind conditions can vary significantly at different altitudes, and a drone's electricity consumption also changes depending on current conditions. When operating in urban areas, it's critical that sudden changes in weather don't come as a surprise and result in drone crashes that may damage private property.

Vaisala’s accurate and reliable weather information provides drone developers and future operators with precision observations on drone landing/take-off sites.

  • Navigate a drone through high winds
  • Plan fleet journeys with weather nowcast and forecast
  • Take off and land safely with hyperlocal weather sensor data
  • Fly efficiently and safely above cities with wind lidar data
Drone flying over skyscrapers in large urban city
Vaisala team collaborating in office

How Precise Weather Forecasting Leads to Flying Drones Safely

When you need to send medical supplies across the city urgently, how can you decide quickly and account for weather conditions including wind speed? Weather nowcast and forecasting gives you the information you need to make decisions quickly.

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