Vaisala no longer maintains public insider register but project-specific insider lists. 30-day closed window applies to the managers defined by the company before publishing Interim Reports, Half Year Financial Report, Financial Statement Release and Financial Statements. Closed window ends following the publication day. Closed window also applies to the persons engaged in preparation of those reports. The managers subject to transaction notification obligations comprise of the Board of Directors, the President and CEO as well as members of the Management Group. The company’s legal department is responsible for insider management, training, and creation and maintenance of project and event specific insider lists, and monitoring of the same.

The President and CEO, Chief Financial Officer and/or the General Counsel, two together, can decide, based on an evaluation of the conditions set out in the Market Abuse Regulation being met, to delay publication of insider information. When the company makes a decision on delay of disclosure, a project or event based insider list regarding the inside information will be established. Persons, to whom project or event specific inside information is disclosed, are entered into the project or event specific insider list.

Corporate Governance Statement 2017



Insider Register

The following information ​on public insiders is not updated after July 3,​ 2016. ​