Safety and well-being

Safeguarding life with measurement data

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Our commitment to responsible business means supporting the well-being and safety of people and communities, as well as the companies and governments they are served by.

Vaisala’s weather monitoring and forecasting technologies play a vital role in early warning systems and disaster preparedness. By accurately predicting storms and other extreme weather events, we provide critical data for emergency response and evacuation planning – ultimately saving lives.

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, our instruments and intelligence are used for example in research, production, and warehousing. We help to ensure the quality and integrity of life-saving drugs and vaccines from the laboratory to the production line and beyond.

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Vaisala provides data on indoor air quality and tools for environmental intelligence which both contribute to health and productivity in cities, public buildings, spaces, and workplaces. Decision makers depend on us to improve and maintain quality of life for millions of people.

With our advanced monitoring and measurement solutions in use around the world, Vaisala is committed to ongoing innovation in the interests of safety and well-being for all.


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