Robust science. Robust results.

From the depths of space to the heart of your transformer, Vaisala leads the leap into knowledge.

Knowledge. That’s Vaisala. We’re a science company at heart and in practice. It’s in our DNA to look deeper, and further, and make discoveries that can be turned into a practical advantage for our clients. 

Robust. That’s Vaisala. We believe in harnessing science to create robust technology. Our products and solutions have proven themselves in the toughest environments on two planets. You can count on them to work for you wherever your power installation is from the artic to the tropics, to offshore. Read more >> 

Results. That’s Vaisala. We help make sense of what cannot be seen, uncover trends and deliver actionable information to base your decisions on. We deliver results. Whether you’re optimizing a process or extending the lifetime of critical equipment, you can count on Vaisala to deliver results. Read more >>  

OPT100 installation

Cut the guesswork — reimagine DGA

The power industry is in many ways the backbone of modern society — no power, no connections. And in today’s world, not being connected is unthinkable even for the briefest intervals. We know it, you know it. 

The industry faces multiple challenges. Running equipment that’s coming to the end of its designed operational lifespan. The impact of overload situations. An increasing number of network challenges. Vaisala has a strong portfolio of real-time online measurement transmitters for utilities that want to mitigate these risks and safeguard their critical assets. 

Vaisala’s DGA solutions let you safely increase equipment performance and prepare timely maintenance plans to prevent unexpected outages.

Words from our experts

Take a deep dive under the covers of the OPT100 and our total gas pressure method, learn all about improved DGA, or go for an in-depth analysis on measuring moisture in oil in our latest four-episode webinar series. All our webinars are free to view, and available to watch at the time most convenient for you on demand. 


Learn about breakthrough developments in DGA monitoring and our new method of reliably identifying ambient air ingress into your transformer. 


A three episode deep dive into the science and practice of measuring moisture in transformers.


Whether you’re looking to gain a comprehensive view of DGA monitoring or to learn about moisture dynamics in transformers, let our experts guide you.

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Maintenance free monitoring with the Vaisala Optimus™ OPT100 DGA -EN

Rethinking DGA — Optimus™ OPT100

Our flagship DGA monitor, the Optimus™️ OPT100 is the ultimate choice for your critical transformers.

We have rethought transformer monitoring and DGA. We wanted to reduce sampling to a minimum. To go fully online and enable 24/7, always-on monitoring. So you can see more than a sampling-type spot check could —uncover trends and gassing patterns in your critical equipment.

We didn’t stop there. We did away with gas cylinders, and in fact, all consumables. The end result is truly zero-maintenance monitoring technology.

Better know better

Transformers across the world employ well over 10.000 Vaisala probes to monitor for moisture. 

Why? Because of the uniquely robust HUMICAP® sensor. Proven over 20+ years in service in the harshest environments on Earth — and Mars.

Famous for its outstanding measurement performance. In fact, individual probes have come back to Vaisala for calibration checks after 10 years in service, without any maintenance, and upon calibration their sensors were still within their initial accuracy. That’s robust technology.

Advanced. Robust. Reliable. Vaisala.

A multi-gas DGA monitor, like the Optimus™ OPT100, is your best choice for critical transformers providing a comprehensive understanding of the condition of your transformer. A single-gas monitor like our Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter MHT410, is an unbeatably robust early warning indicator of a fault condition.

Revolutionary, robust DGA: OPT100

•   The world’s first DGA monitor requiring no consumables
•   Track the seven key fault-gases at all times
•   Gain a comprehensive understanding of your transformers’ condition
•   Now with total gas pressure — ambient air ingress detection

Key measurements online: MHT410

•    Unbeatably robust single-gas monitor 
•    Early warning indicator of a fault condition in your transformer
•    Ultimate connectivity and remote monitoring when coupled with the Indigo520 transmitter.
•    Easy to install 

The true standard for moisture in transformers: MMP8

•    20+ years proven track record
•    The true standard for the whole industry
•    Light and robust
•    No sampling, no pumps
•    Always on
•    Can even be installed in an energized transformer

Robust technology. Robust results.

Power transformer monitoring should happen like power generation and transmission. Online, always on, with a reliable reading of trends — Whether you're looking for the full spectrum of the most common fault gases, or tracking hydrogen, moisture and temperature.

Power station

Vaisala’s robust science has you covered.

•    Cut the worry — gain peace of mind
•    Cut extra manual work out of the equation
•    Prolong lifetime of critical equipment
•    Ensure your maintenance strategies work

Power lines

We lead the leap into knowledge

Vaisala has extensive experience in measurement in the harshest possible conditions, Earth and Mars. We are known for the proven robustness of our measurement technology, and field-leading DGA capabilities.

Our offering for monitoring power applications

Check out more of our offering for monitoring power applications.

Vaisala's real-time online measurement portfolio is made to tackle the power sector's challenges – from equipment coming to the end of its operational lifespan, the impact of overload situations and an increasing amount of network faults. 

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