Barometric pressure measurements with Indigo520 Transmitter

combined with humidity and temperature probes

The Indigo520 transmitter with the barometric pressure measurement module combined with one or two of the Indigo-compatible humidity and temperature measurement probes is a unique combination of a meteorological-grade barometer in a single industrial device. Measure three parameters simultaneously: barometric pressure, humidity and temperature. The device incorporates Vaisala's proprietary, space-proof HUMICAP® and BAROCAP® technologies.

Attach one or two probes to the transmitter

Choose the humidity measurement probe that best suits your needs:

  • HMP1 for laboratories
  • HMP3 with a field replaceable sensor for general use
  • HMP7 for demanding, high-humidity industrial and meteorology applications
  • HMP9 for confined spaces
  • TMP1 for temperature measurement only 

With an adapter plate, the transmitter can be installed to replace the PTU300.

For more features and measurement options, view the Indigo500 series product page.

Learn more about our HUMICAP® and BAROCAP® technologies.


  • Absolute pressure measurement range of 500 … 1100 hPa
  • Total accuracy ±0.15 hPa
  • Pressure units: hPa, mbar, kPa, Pa, inHg, mmH20,mmHg, torr, psia
  • Supports 2 detachable probes simultaneously
  • Large touchscreen display
  • HUMICAP & BAROCAP sensor technologies
  • IP66 and NEMA 4 rated metalenclosure
  • 4 configurable galvanicallyisolated analog output
  • 2 relays
  • Ethernet connection with web interface for remote access
  • Modbus® TCP/IP protocol

Key Benefits

Probes designed to your applications

The probe option designed specifically for laboratories is the HMP1. The HMP3 is for general use and comes with a field replaceable sensor. The HMP7 is intended for outdoor and demanding meteorology applications and the HMP9 for confined spaces. For temperature measurement only, use the TMP1.

1 device, 3 measurements

A unique combination of a meteorological-grade barometer combined with humidity and temperature measurement in a single, industrial-grade device.

Rugged design

The robust Indigo520 transmitter is suitable for harsh conditions with its metal enclosure with IP66 and NEMA4 classification. The transmitter's touchscreen is made of chemically strengthened glass.

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