All Vaisala products ​are protected by a 12-month warranty. Selected products are covered for up to 24 months.

Standard warranty terms and conditions are stated in the applicable Conditions of Sale document. See www.vaisala.com/generalconditions.

24-month warranty

The products listed below have a 24-month warranty


Biogas instruments

MGP261 Methane, Carbon Dioxide and Humidity Multigas Instrument


Carbon Dioxide Instruments

GM20 Series Carbon Dioxide Transmitters
GM70 Hand-Held Carbon Dioxide Meter & Probes
GMP231 Carbon Dioxide Probe
GMP343 Carbon Dioxide Probe
GMW80 Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitters
GMW90 Carbon Dioxide, Temperature & Humidity Transmitters
GMP251 CO₂ Probe
GMP252 CO₂ Probe


Dissolved Gas in Oil instruments

Optimus™ DGA Monitor OPT100


Humidity Instruments

HM40 Humidity and Temperature Meter
HM70 Hand-Held Humidity Meter & Probes      
HMD60/70 Humidity Transmitters
HMDW110 Humidity and Temperature Transmitters
HMD/W80 Humidity Transmitters
HMM100 Humidity Module     
HMK15 Humidity Calibrator 
HMM105 Humidity Module
HMP4, HMP5, HMP7 & HMP8 Humidity and Temperature Probes   
HMP60/110 Humidity & Temperature Probes
HMP63/113 Humidity and Temperature Probes
HMP155 Humidity and Temperature Probe
HMT120/130 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
HMT330 Humidity And Temperature Transmitter
HMT300TMK Turbine Mounting Kit
HMT310 Humidity & Temperature Transmitters
HMT360 Humidity & Temperature Transmitters (Ex)
HMW90 Humidity Transmitters        
SHM40 Structural Humidity Measurement Kit

Dewpoint Instruments

DM70 Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter & Probes
DMT132 Dewpoint Transmitters
DMT143 Dewpoint Transmitters
DMT143L Dew Point Transmitters      
DMT152 Dewpoint Transmitters      
DMT242 Dewpoint Transmitters
DMT340 Dewpoint Transmitters
DPT145 Multiparameter Transmitter
DPT146 Dewpoint and Pressure Transmitters 

Moisture In Oil Instruments

MM70 Hand-Held Moisture In Oil Meter & Probes
MMT162 Moisture In Oil Transmitters
MMT310 Moisture In Oil Transmitters      
MMT330 Moisture In Oil Transmitters

Pressure instruments

PDT101/102 Differential Pressure Instruments
PTB110 Barometer
PTB210 Digital Barometers
PTB330 Digital Barometer 
PTB330TS Transfer Standard      
PTU300 Transmitters

Process Refractometers

PR-23-AC Sanitary Process Refractometer          
PR-23-AP Sanitary Probe Refractometer            
PR-23-GC Compact Process Refractometer       
PR-23-GP Probe Process Refractometer            
PR-23-SD Safe-DriveTM Process Refractometer 
PR-23-RP Process Refractometer                       
PR-23-M Teflon Body Refractometer                  
PR-23-W Saunders Body Refractometer              
PR-23-MS Semicon Process Refractometer 
DD-23 Digital Divert Control System
PR-33-S Semicon Process Refractometer 
PR-33-AC Sanitary OEM Process Refractometer             
PR-43-AC Sanitary Process Refractometer         
PR-43-AP Sanitary Process Refractometer         
PR-43-GP Process Refractometer                      
PR-43-GC Process Refractometer                     
PR-43-PC Compact Pharma Refractometer        
PR-21-S General Process Refractometer           
SM-3 SeedMaster



Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System and Vaisala Validation/Mapping System hardware (data loggers and communication devices)
Indigo 200 Series Transmitters


5-year warranty

MHT410 Moisture, Hydrogen and Temperature Transmitter for Transformer Oil​​

10-year warranty

The Vaisala HUMICAP® Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMT330 features best-in-class proven reliability. As a result, we offer a 10-year warranty on new HMT330 transmitters that are calibrated annually at the Vaisala Service Center. This warranty program is available to all customers for units purchased from January 2014 onwards and requires no sign-up.

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty from Vaisala extends the coverage of the factory warranty over an agreed period, guaranteeing optimal system performance and eliminating costly and inconvenient delays caused by repair or replacement quotation and approval processes.