A century of precision and progress

‘Good enough’ has never been good enough at Vaisala. Because we know that ‘great’ can make all the difference. Throughout our history from a 1930s Finnish start-up to a global technology pioneer, we have been turning measurements into measures and intelligence into action for our planet. This is our story.

In the midwinter of 1931, nestled amidst Finland's towering pines, a small metal marvel was discovered. The device was a radiosonde. The instrument found its way to a visionary Professor of Meteorology from the University of Helsinki. His name was Vilho Väisälä.  


"A fine idea, poorly implemented" was said to be Väisälä's official ruling on closer inspection.


A few years later, he held the improved radiosonde in his hands, and in 1936, the first order shipped across the Atlantic to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT. In true startup spirit, ambition firmly beyond Finland, the umlauts were dropped and Väisälä became Vaisala. 


Expanding beyond weather into industrial measurements, Vaisala maintained a strong focus on science-based innovations and became known for reliability, quality, and precision. This reputation grew even stronger through innovations such as the HUMICAP sensor, which completely changed the game for measuring relative humidity, evolving into a global standard widely used in various industries – and even on two planets.  

At the intersection of climate and data 

Professor Väisälä's pioneering spirit, curious mind, and committed heart lives on as we take on our most important role to date: the fight against climate change.  

Today, we are a global team of over 2,300 innovators and solution seekers, working relentlessly towards our purpose of Taking every measure for the planet. We know that when our Earth’s future is at stake, good enough data is never good enough. Not when great data can save energy, resources, and ultimately, lives.

In over 150 countries as well as in space, our technology seeks out insights hidden between decimals and data points. From the surface of Mars to the heart of hurricanes and from the world's largest data centers to vital vaccine labs, we make the invisible visible. 

Today, the need for this technology and mindset is greater than ever. Climate change and its potential impacts should be a top priority for all of us. To make the right choices and take effective action, we must have the right data. After nearly a century of measured progress, we're committed to doing our part.  

Does this make you tick?

If you have a genuine commitment to taking every measure for the planet and the passion for the latest in tech, this is the place to be. 

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