Automatic Weather Stations

Accurate, real-time weather information for effective short- and long-term forecasting and monitoring of developing severe weather conditions.

eBook: Weather stations and network susceptibility

Network and data security is a growing concern all over the world. Not only are businesses looking to safeguard themselves and their employees, but individuals and families want to ensure their safety with their devices at home and on the go. And with the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) over the last several years, anybody can be susceptible to a security threat — at any time.

New laws and regulations are constantly being developed in hopes of deterring these attacks and protecting end-users. When it comes to the IoT, there are countless devices that each of us must consider with security. Individuals, families, governments, and businesses all over the world use devices like smart appliances, voice-controlled speakers, personal assistants, and more every day. Each time we engage with one of these devices, we must consider how it could potentially put our secure data at risk.

Beacon Weather Station
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