Water (H2O) can take many forms and we can measure it as temperature dependent invisible gas known as humidity, as pressure dependent dew point or in liquid form as moisture.

Oil rig pipes leading to sea


Moisture measurements are essential when there is a need to protect engines or to ensure high-quality oil with moisture in oil measurements. Avoiding moisture in concrete or structures also requires high quality measurement. Find related moisture measurement products by typical applications: power transformers, lubrication systems, and structural moisture.

Benefits with high-quality H2O measurement


Especially in drying applications, accurate humidity measurement can bring significant savings in both energy and costs. By knowing the humidity level you can, for example, avoid over-drying and heating the air too much.

End-product quality

Exact humidity data helps you optimize your production process and facilities, as well as make sure that the humidity level in your end-products is just right. Depending on the product, it can mean for example longer shelf life or improved stability.

Safety & well-being

Humidity control in facilities and moisture control in structures improve both safety and well-being when the air is optimized for breathing and the formation of mold is avoided. Controlling process humidity is also crucial for safety and well-being.

Trusted HUMICAP® and DRYCAP® technologies

We have been the industry leader in humidity measurement for over 40 years and is able to create solutions even for very demanding measurement conditions. Vaisala’s HUMICAP® and DRYCAP® technologies have been trusted for decades due to their accuracy and stability. Both technologies include capacitive thin-film polymer sensors. The polymer’s dielectric constant has been linearized with humidity variations to guarantee an unbeatable accuracy level up to 1 % RH (aw 0.01). DRYCAP also incorporates a patented auto-calibration function, which optimizes the stability at low dew points.

Humidity and Multigas Measurements with CARBOCAP® and PEROXCAP®

With our continuous research and development efforts, we have been able to combine humidity measurement possibilities also with other parameters and technologies. We developed the CARBOCAP® technology originally for measuring CO2, but the technology is well suited also for optical humidity and methane measurements in biogas applications. Vaisala’s PEROXCAP® technology was developed for measuring humidity, vaporized hydrogen peroxide and temperature for easy validation of hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination of isolators and facilities.

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