Risk Management

The objective of Vaisala’s risk management is to identify and manage material risks related to strategy implementation and business operations. Vaisala has a risk management policy, which has been approved by the Board of Directors and which covers the company’s strategic, operational, hazard, and financial risks. The policy aims at ensuring the safety of the company’s personnel, operations, and products, as well as the continuity and compliance of business operations.

The Board of Directors defines and approves risk management principles and policies and assesses the effectiveness of risk management. The Audit Committee reviews compliance with risk management policy and processes.

Vaisala’s Risk Management Steering Group comprises key internal stakeholders. The Steering Group is responsible for the operational oversight of the risk management process and for assuring that all significant risks are identified and reported and risks are acted upon on all necessary organizational levels and in all geographical locations.

Risk management is integrated into key business processes and operations. This is accomplished by incorporating applicable risk identification, assessment, management, and risk reporting actions into the core processes. The most significant risks are reported to the Vaisala Management Group quarterly and to the Audit Committee annually.

Annual Report 2018