Energy transition

Instruments and intelligence guide the energy transition

Pictogram decarbonization

The critical transition to a low-carbon future is well under way. Clean and renewable energy sources are increasingly powering our world. We help our customers to meet their decarbonization goals while continuing to optimize business performance.

Managing the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources requires commitment and careful calculation. This is where Vaisala excels.

Although renewable energy from wind and solar is unpredictable by nature, Vaisala’s measurement technologies reduce risk and bring the efficiency that operators need. 

Solar-only power tower plant

Our data helps in identifying the optimal location for renewable energy infrastructure, while supporting efficient monitoring, prediction and planning during operations. Our monitoring intelligence is also vital in producing renewable biogas and biomethane (RNG) and speeding the transition away from fossil fuels.

Highest quality of measurements are also essential for successful ramp-up of hydrogen economy. As an example, Vaisala’s continuous and reliable data can be used to optimize fuel cell production process, maximizing the efficiency but ensuring the lowest environmental impacts. Also transitioning from combustion engine technology to manufacturing rechargeable batteries support the energy shift.

High voltage power line with amazing lightning

We also help to keep energy infrastructure safe. Our accurate weather data, lightning detection systems, and continuous condition monitoring prevent damage to power grids, so critical assets stay up and running.

By empowering our customers to enhance production efficiency and achieve their decarbonization goals, we’re fulfilling our commitment to a sustainable future for people and our planet.


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