Observation Network Manager NM10

Consolidate data, monitoring, and control of all the sites in your weather observation network into a single place.


    Vaisala Observation Network Manager NM10 brings overall management of all your sites under one location, even if you’re dealing with a mismatched collection of equipment and software from more than one vendor.

    NM10 delivers off-the-shelf automated network management that connects individual systems, sensors, and devices to provide centralized, real-time, continuous monitoring of your entire network. It centralizes your data in real time with built-in quality control, observations, device status, plus automated alerts and reports.


    NM10 eliminates time-consuming manual administration of individual sites and speeds problem resolution by delivering a single platform that displays and controls all essential event, alert, observation, device status, metadata, and maintenance information for every site and system in your weather observation network.

    It’s the easy way to keep everything running at peak efficiency.


    NM10 monitors individual site status 24/7 and aggregates real-time data into one central network. Continuous remote diagnostics automatically trigger email, visual, and auditory alerts to warn you anytime a problem is detected.

    Remote access and control then allow you to fix problems faster and avoid unnecessary site visits.


    Combining all your observation systems, sensors, and parent monitoring and management systems for all your sites under a single universal management platform has never been easier. Right out of the box, NM10 gives you proven tools to manage and maintain weather observation networks. It also delivers full remote capability for better overall operational efficiency and performance.


    NM10 features industry-standard data export interfaces that deliver reliable 24/7 access to all your weather observation data from any connected system or device.

    Data integrity is maintained through built-in verifications and quality controls, while advanced security protocols and user management capabilities mitigate network vulnerability.

    In addition, long-term data archiving capability coupled with redundant multi-server or virtual environments ensure continuous, uninterrupted data access.

    Vaisala to Provide Swedish Transport Administration with New Road Weather Station Network

    Read this press release for details about the five-year frame agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) for a minimum of 600 road weather stations throughout Sweden.

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