Monitoring moisture in oil

Measurement expertise for moisture in oil

Experience. That’s Vaisala. With some 50 years in developing and manufacturing capacitive moisture sensors for gas and oil, Vaisala has become the veritable standard and the market leader. 

Expertise. That’s Vaisala. From power transformers to lubrication systems, and from maritime to pulp and paper Vaisala leads the leap into knowledge. With sensors built-in our own cleanrooms our robust technology offers long term stable and precise measurements.

Vaisala Humicap sensor structure

Uniquely robust sensors

Vaisala’s HUMICAP® were the first ever capacitive sensors used to measure moisture in oil online, and have since become a virtual industry standard. 

The sensors have specifically been developed to measure even very low moisture levels in oils — mineral, vegetable and synthetic. The HUMICAP® sensors, manufactured in Vaisala’s own cleanrooms, have seen use in all corners of the Earth and even Mars.

Your key benefits for lubrication

  • Real time relative saturation measurement helps plan maintenance advance and minimize unplanned maintenance
  • Real-time measurement helps minimize damage to critical machinery and also to optimize dryer usage 
  • Excellent long term stability ensures a trouble free operation and reliability of readings. 
  • Insensitive to additives and contaminants ensures suitability for numerous lubrication oil applications.

Moisture in oil products

MMP8 probe head and body

Moisture in oil probe MMP8

for continuous online measurement
Smart and robust. That’s Vaisala MMP8. Powered by the Vaisala HUMICAP® sensor technology, it has become a...

Get all the gains

Robust reliability

  • Accurate water saturation and PPM measurements in rapidly changing conditions.
  • All equipment comes with NIST or Accredited calibration and is field calibratable.
  • No moving parts in transmitters.

Long-term stability

  • Thin film polymer sensor designs protect from contamination and are highly selective to water  only .
  • Capacitive technology provides long term stable measurement.
  • Insensitive to additives or contaminants in oil.
  • Auto-recovery from full saturation.
  • ...

Rapid Response

  • In situ, real time measurement of moisture in oil as true relative saturation (%RS).
  • Eliminates need for sampling and lab analysis for moisture.
  • Easy installation via ball valve. 
  • Installable even in energized transformers.