Cleanroom Environmental Monitoring

Reduce the risk of out-of-specification conditions and help keep your pharmaceutical and biotechnical cleanrooms audit-ready and compliant.

High-Technology Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms and other critical environments require high-performance environmental measurements to operate consistently and within specifications. Humidity and temperature measurement can be especially challenging in a cleanroom environment.

Vaisala’s highly accurate instruments and robust solutions address measurement challenges and help keep your cleanroom facilities running smoothly. With state-of-the-art measurement technology, expert guidance, and a wide range of services to support your cleanroom operations, our products measure, monitor and record: humidity, dewpoint, temperature, pressure and more.

Cleanroom continuous monitoring 

Learn more about the Vaisala viewLinc continuous monitoring system for cleanrooms. 

Vaisala's CAB100 is an industrial cabinet that integrates Vaisala data loggers and transmitters with viewLinc. Cabinets can be pre-configured to your cleanroom's requirements and include safety barriers when needed. Measured parameters include humidity, temperature, differential pressure and more.

“In the case of the CAB100, just based on past experience of cleanroom monitoring systems, I estimate most systems would take up about four times the space as the Vaisala CAB100. That small footprint and the fact that it’s pre-configured make it very convenient."
Dan Gabrault, LSNE Plant Engineer

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Cleanroom Related Products

viewLinc Monitoring, Alarming and Reporting Software

The viewLinc Enterprise Server software monitors temperature, relative humidity, CO 2 , differential pressure, level, door switches, and more, offering low cost of ownership due to easy connectivity to your existing network, remote access, and scalability up to thousands of monitored locations.
The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251 is an intelligent, stand-alone, %-level probe for stable and accurate CO2 measurements.

CO₂ Probe GMP251

The Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide Probe GMP251 is an intelligent, stand-alone, %-level probe for measuring CO2 in life science incubators, cold storage facilities, fruit and vegetable transportation, and in all demanding applications where stable and accurate percentage-level CO2 measurements are needed.

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