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Vaisala provides world-class humidity, dew point and liquid measurements and trusted and robust products for various operations in the automotive industry, including electric cars manufacturing. From design and testing, and through production, products used in the automotive industry are required to withstand the most challenging conditions. These include high temperatures, rapidly changing conditions with relative humidity and temperature, air with solvents and other chemical vapors and all of them affect product quality and productivity.

Vaisala’s sensors used for control and evaluation throughout the development and manufacturing processes must perform at the highest levels and this is the reason why Vaisala is the first choice globally for the leading brands in the field.

Explore our accurate and reliable measurement solutions for different automotive processes and operations. 

Engine Testing

Dynamometer testing often occurs at very low and very high temperatures. High reliability and uptime are desirable in test cell instrumentation.

Vaisala’s BAROCAP® barometers and HUMICAP® humidity and temperature transmitters have operating ranges wide enough to accommodate virtually any test condition. A remote probe with sensor heating is available for condensing conditions. Other options include graphical display of history and measurement trends, data collection and transfer to PC, and flexible calibration. Also, a new Indigo520 transmitter equipped with barometric pressure measurement combined with Indigo compatible humidity and temperature probes offers three-in-one measurements in one device.


Automotive Paint Booths

Modern automotive paints are sensitive to environmental conditions during application. Humidity control of the facility, paint booth and compressed air assures an efficient process and a high-quality finish.

Vaisala provides accurate humidity and dew point instruments with extremely low long-term drift, flexible installation options, and chemically durable sensors. In addition, Vaisala offers a family of intrinsically safe humidity instruments for hazardous locations. These instruments must be properly installed with appropriate safety barriers or isolators. Always refer to the User's Manual for complete information regarding the installation and wiring of intrinsically safe instruments.

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Automotive HVAC and IAQ

Ensure that your production facilities are fully compliant with HVAC regulations. Prevent employees from being exposed to dangerous airborne particulates during common processes, including welding, machining, cutting and grinding, and plastic processing. Control and maintain excellent indoor air quality throughout your premises, including offices and production areas with Vaisala’s superior measurement solutions.

Indoor air quality

HVAC measurement


Automotive warehouses and storage

Vaisala’s reliable atmospheric measurement solutions bring additional insurance to the valuable car parts storages. Atmosphere control is critical when storing electronics, sensors, metal parts, paint colors, oils, solvents, and other needed material. Too high humidity and fluctuating temperature are the main parameters to measure and control. Read more about warehouse measurement and monitoring



Automotive antifreeze, coolant fluids, and urea

Vaisala offers measurement solutions also for engine coolant and antifreeze manufacturers, as well as for automotive urea, AdBlue and DEF manufacturers.

Ethylene glycol is used in the automotive industry as an antifreeze and engine coolant as it has much lower freezing point than water. Ethylene glycol in the car’s cooling system manages the engine temperature by removing, circulating dissipating, and controlling heat. Correct blend and ethylene glycol level is essential for flawlessly operating engine, and incorrect mixture might cause an expensive and reputation eroding recall. 

Automotive urea, known also as diesel exhaust fuel must also be mixed meticulously to achieve the desired concentration. Read more from application notes:

A complete measurement solution for automotive industry

Automotive processes can only be standardized when the humidity conditions and temperature are measured continuously. Sufficient data provided by measurement instrument will help to optimize processes. Tackle the competitive pressures on overall manufacturing cost, product line performance, and product quality with Vaisala’s trusted products.

Vaisala Polaris PR53GP

Vaisala Polaris™ PR53GP Process Refractometer

Measure concentrations of sugars/Brix, acids, alkaline solutions, alcohols, hydrocarbons, solvents, and various other solutions directly in pipeline and tanks, in production transport and quality control in sugar, chemical, petrochemical, and other industries.
DM70 Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter

Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70

Handheld Dewpoint Meter DM70 for spot-checking applications and field calibration offers accurate and fast measurement for industrial dew point applications, such as compressed air, metal treatment, additive manufacturing as well as food and plastics drying.

HMP60 Humidity and Temperature Probe

HMP60 is a simple, durable and cost-effective humidity probe suitable for volume applications, integration into other manufacturers' equipment, incubators, glove boxes, greenhouses, fermentation chambers and data loggers.

Calibration and services

Calibration is an imperative part of the quality control of the automotive industry. Vaisala's high-quality, calibration service is accredited to the ISO 17025 standard, and meets the strict requirements of automotive industry. Read more and book the service! 

Accredited calibration service


Blog: Indigo500 series dual-probe support

Dual-probe support refers to the ability of a single transmitter or monitoring device to interface with two independent measurement devices, and then display, record, and transmit their data. It allows multiple parameters, or redundant parameters to be more easily monitored in the same space, or in different locations.

What are the benefits of using two probes measuring two different parameters?

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