Indigo300 Transmitter


Robust transmitter with smart probe connection

Vaisala Indigo300 transmitters are host devices for Vaisala Indigo-compatible, stand-alone smart probes. Indigo300 transmitters send measurement values to automation and control systems through analog signals, and they can also be used for standalone monitoring. Transmitters have numerical and graphical color displays for up to 3 measurement parameters, ideal for local data visualization. Non-display model is also available.

The IP66-rated, corrosion-resistant metal housing of the transmitter is suitable for harsh conditions. The enclosure has versatile mounting options (DIN rail, conversion plate), a simple probe-mounting wheel, and an option to wire through the back for a clean installation. Optional probe cable extensions allow versatile probe placement. Transmitter access is controlled by a service port that can be opened by a 4-mm Allen key.

Pre-configured for your convenience

Combined with Indigo-compatible probes for relative humidity, dew point, CO2, temperature, vaporized H2O2, and moisture in oil, Indigo300 transmitters are pre-configured for up to three analog outputs (mA, V, or both) and easy to re-configure as measurement needs change.

Simply order the transmitter with the parameters, ranges, and outputs desired. After arrival, you can use Vaisala Insight PC software to add new parameters, change ranges, scaling, and switch outputs.

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Calibration without stoppage

Calibration is simple with detachable probes that can be replaced instantly and sent for factory calibration. In-house calibration is also easy with an Indigo80 handheld device and Insight PC software for adjustment and diagnostics.

With Insight and Indigo80, you can configure both the transmitter and the probe connected to it, as well as calibrate and adjust the probe without having to detach it from the transmitter.

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Convertible host device for smart probes​

The transmitter is used with Interchangeable probes, which guarantees versatile measurements in varying applications. It includes​ numerical and graphical color display​ with three parameters, which can all be shown at once. The host device arrives pre-configured and ready to use.

Robust design for industrial use

The host device is designed for harsh environments. Robust IP66 enclosure is suitable for demanding application, and clean installation option by wiring through the back leaves no trailing cables. The transmitter has push-button navigation for easy usage.

Flexible probe mounting

The smart probes can be mounted flexibly by attaching them directly to the transmitter or by using additional cable extension, allowing versatile probe placement. With cable, the probe can be placed up to 30 m from transmitter​. Detachable probes enable also easy calibrations.

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