Measure, analyze and act for a better world

Our innovative measurement solutions have impact where it truly matters, helping to solve climate change and other global challenges of our time. With cutting-edge technologies for weather, environment, and industrial processes, our customers keep up operations and make data-based decisions. 

Talk Helsinki event panel discussion on decarbonization

Reliable measurement data drives climate action

Vaisala participated in an inspiring panel discussion at the Talk Helsinki event. The discussion focused on corporations adopting the green technology, and how green initiatives should be seen as strategic investments.

LIFT-road weather-800x450

Come rain or shine, road weather data enables autonomous driving

With over $100 billion invested, the auto industry eagerly anticipates the realization of autonomous driving technologies. The auto giants could switch to the fast lane by taking full advantage of road weather and road condition data. 

Solar panels and wind turbine

Vaisala takes an important step in renewable energy

Recognizing the increasing importance and urgency of renewable energy production, we have expanded our offerings with the newly launched Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition, tailored specifically for the solar industry.

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