Taking every measure for the planet

We enable data-driven climate action that helps industries, nations, people, and the planet to thrive.

Sustainability at Vaisala

For close to a century, Vaisala has measured the slightest shifts in environments, even in the harshest conditions. Our instruments and intelligence are used where it matters the most: from the world's largest data centers to leading medical laboratories, from the frozen Arctic to the fierce hearts of hurricanes – and even on the barren surface of Mars.

We seek out insights hidden in data points. The invisible made visible.

Our planet does not need more climate talk. It needs climate action. For us, good enough data isn’t good enough. Not when our data can save energy, resources, and ultimately, lives.

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Our business in brief

We give the world the means to measure what matters. In practice, we offer our customers the measurement equipment and data - instruments and intelligence - they need to know exactly what is happening in their respective environments. Our clients vary from governments and tech giants to individual developers, but they all have one thing in common. They are constantly looking for ways to innovate, reinvent and optimize.

Our business is divided into two business units – dive into each below.

Industrial Measurements

Our industrial customers use data from our measurement instruments to optimize their processes and improve their resource efficiency. While saving money, this also helps mitigate climate change by reducing the energy consumption, emissions and waste.

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Weather and Environment

The majority of the world's weather observations today are made with Vaisala equipment. We help the world to adapt to and mitigate climate change with actionable weather data and measurement solutions.

Innovation and R&D

At Vaisala, everything is built spark innovation. True innovation stems from a diverse group of people working together and challenging each other to find the best solution. As a company, we do our best to provide the atmosphere and surroundings where science-based innovations thrive. And we don't pretend to know it all, but innovate with our clients and the science community to develop technologies that change industries – and the world.

Long-term commitment

We take pride in our long-term investments into R&D that enable us to remain a global technology leader. In 2022, our R&D investments were 13% of net sales, and 28% of our employees worked in R&D.

Facilities fit for the best

We opened a R&D and innovation center in Finland in 2021 that has e.g. 37 custom-made laboratories. Our factories also have inhouse cleanrooms to ensure highest quality possible for our products.

Collaboration with science

In addition to our own research and development work, we are an active player in the scientific community. Scientific collaboration strengthens our position as an industry pioneer and an innovative technology leader.

A company committed to its people and the planet

Our employees share the ambition to save the planet through our world-leading instruments and intelligence. This unique combination of hi-tech and purpose is why most of us joined Vaisala – and why we stay. We also cherish each other and take the wellbeing of our people very seriously.

Why join Vaisala?

Excellence in supply chain and operations

The management of a large product portfolio without compromising quality or efficiency has always been Vaisala’s core strength. With four factories, over 300 product families and more than 500 suppliers, we are fully committed to serving our customers all around the world. 

Vaisala locations world-wide

Over land and sea, Vaisala gives the world a way to measure the invisible. We have customers in more than 150 countries and our offices in 17. 

The map below shows Vaisala’s current production and R&D sites and service centers.