Offshore Environmental Monitoring

Meteorological and oceanographic measurements in one package ensure safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

Monitor Offshore Operations with Confidence

Complete awareness of the offshore working environment is the first step to ensure the safety of all maritime operations. Vaisala’s environmental monitoring solutions constantly monitor local weather and current sea state information to enable marine forecasts and inform decision makers, increasing safety and ensuring uninterrupted offshore operations.

Vaisala’s marine-grade solution combines meteorological and oceanographic measurements into a single package that features global service support and flexibility to interface to a wide range of sensors.

When combined with our powerful software that provides adaptable data collection, communication, and storage, the solution also enables the thorough examination of historical trends or specific events in the past.

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Ready for Better, Easier Maritime Environmental Monitoring?

Take the next step and learn how to increase safety and ensure uninterrupted offshore operations. See how you can access data on local weather and sea state information with ease, and maintain complete awareness of your working environment.

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