Service Partner Certification

Certified Partners

Service Partner Network is an essential part of Vaisala Services organization in order to provide high quality customer service in time, and in the right place. Using Vaisala certified service provider is a good decision to ensure high uptime and data quality of Vaisala measurement system in long term.

Vaisala has a two level Service Partner program for service contractors to ensure they are properly trained, supported by Vaisala, and so the weather user has piece of mind that their equipment will operate at all times just like the weather. 

Service partner Agreement is a contract with intention to create a framework for long term co-operation in contracting and delivering services in selected region.

System level Service Certification companies are for providing high quality service delivery in the region the company is working in. Certification is granted on system level and provides needed capabilities and support from Vaisala for the local service provider.

Service Partner Agreements
Com​pa​​ny Certified Since Region
Eurelettronica Icas Srl​​​ 2013 Italy and projects with Italian speaking Prime Contractors
Meteorage SAS 2013 Lightning Networks, Europe and selected project deliveries in other regions
INEMET (Instalaciones y ​Equipamientos Meteorologicos, S.L.)​ 2014 Spain and projects with Spanish speaking P​rime Contractors
Marti Ltd. 2014 Turkey and projects with Turkish Prime Contractors
Morcom International Inc. ​2015 Central American and Caribean and projects with Prime Contractors
System Level Service Certifications
Com​pa​​ny Certified Since Region System
​IBS Luftfahrt und Service GmbH 2016 Germany


​Integral Blue Inc. 2017 USA Road Weather Station LX-RPU
​BBH Electric, Inc. 2017 USA Road Weather Station RWS200
​Digital Traffic Systems, Inc 2018 USA Road Weather Stations RWS200 and LX-RPU
Approach Navigation Systems, Inc 2018 Canada Road Weather Stations RWS200 and ROSA
TransCore Florida 2018 USA Road Weather Station LX-RPU
ATCOM Aps 2017 Europe and selected project deliveries in other regions Maritime System’s Support
ACH SVS LLC 2018 Mongolia AviMet AWOS Airport
Meade Electric Inc 2019 USA Road Weather Station RWS200
North Tarrant Express 2021 USA Road Weather Station LX-RPU


How to Apply for Certified Service Partner?

Service certification is a long term investment on building the capability to support the local weather system users with high quality standard. Intention is to create a working three way co-operation between weather system user, certified service partner and Vaisala.

Meeting Relevant Requirements

High quality services are based on selecting correct partners who are able to provide basis for the long term co-operation for Vaisala customers and for Vaisala. Stability is one key element to start building the capabilities the required knowledge. In the final end delivering the high quality services is based on having the capable personnel available with correct skills and customer service attitude. 

Long history on providing services in the industry is an important base for the certification process. Before starting the certification process Vaisala will evaluate the candidate according a defined certification program. Certification program is to ensure that the selected service partner meets the relevant requirements now and in the future. ​

Training and Certification Exam

Certification of partner personnel includes face-to-face training with practical exercises to ensure capability to install and maintain Vaisala equipment according to manufacturer specified methods. The capabilities of trained persons are evaluated during the training course. At the end of the course a Certification Exam is used to qualify the individuals for delivering the services according to Vaisala standards.

When having the certified personnel available the company will have the certified service provider status for the systems they have trained personnel for.​

Maintaining the certification

As systems and products are developing continuously it is important to ensure that the latest knowledge is available when working them. Certification requires annual recertification to ensure that. Recertification consist of additional training for the personnel, which can be provided as ​​e-Learning​ or face-to-face training in case of bigger product releases will occur. Both training methods contain a certification exam at the end of the course. Company evaluation is also performed to check that the prerequisite for high quality service delivery are still in place.​

Support for Certified Partners

Support for local service provider is essential part of the certification. Vaisala is standing behind the certified providers to support the service personnel in the day to day operations. The aim is to build the capabilities of the local personnel just like it is done for the Vaisala own service engineers. For certified service partners Vaisala offers Certification Portal and Priority Technical Support to improve the daily operations. 

Certification Portal will provide a source of information from basic product information to technical bulletins and software updates. This is a place to go back and refresh the information learned in the training sessions or to seek a solution for a technical problem at a customer site.

In addition to Certification Portal Vaisala Priority Technical Support is always part of the certification contract. This ensures a quick channel for support in situations when the certified person faces a challenging situation out in the field.​

Certified Service Partner