Understand and utilize real-time data in CMP process

Optimize processes for supreme wafer quality and yield 

Accurate and fast RI and RH measurements for optimized CMP tool performance  

Did you know that the refractive index or RI measurement with an inline process refractometer is a safe, cost-effective,
real-time, low-maintenance process monitoring method to accurately determine wet chemical concentrations? 

Vaisala’s inline process refractometers meet industry standards and can be conveniently integrated into slurry
blenders and CMP tools. 

Relative humidity or RH measurements in slurry blending are critical to avoid slurry evaporation and eventual agglomeration. Recommended products are the Indigo520 with HMP7 and TMP1 for both temperature
and relative humidity measurements directly in the CMP tool. 

In this eBook, we discuss: 

  • RI in process optimization 
  • RH as a critical measurement 
  • Installation position benefits

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