Optimize wafer quality and yield with real-time data during the CMP process

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Liquid Measurements


Vaisala's inline process refractometers are uniquely suited to CMP slurry management by controlling batch-to-batch variation and dilution of the slurry as well as blending of the oxidizing agent such as H2O2. This level of control is accomplished by using refractive index to continuously monitor liquid concentration, without being impeded by bubbles, ensuring a repeatable CMP process. By verifying that slurries consistently meet requirements, these instruments allow manufacturers to extend equipment uptime, maximize raw material usage, and reduce maintenance costs.

Register for this webinar to learn why Vaisala process refractometers have been installed by hundreds of semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. We’ll review the technology behind our measurement solutions and share common applications before sharing sample use cases from fabricators.

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Learn More About the CMP Process

By accurately controlling and reducing wafer cleaning chemical consumption, manufacturers can maximize semiconductor throughput. Measuring CMP slurry concentration with Vaisala Process Refractometers also prevents defective chemicals from entering the process, protecting valuable fabrication equipment. 

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Improve Wafer Production Quality

The CMP process relies heavily on a precise slurry mixture, and directly impacts semiconductor manufacturability. Vaisala in-line process refractometers can not only control this early phase of production, but also increase equipment uptime and chemical shelf-life.


Kimmo Koivula
Sales Manager 

Kimmo Koivula holds a Master's degree from the Helsinki University of Technology and has more than 10 years of experience in automation and optimization of industrial processes. The last 6 years, Kimmo developed his skills as a consultant in Europe and America, supporting industrial plants through cutting-edge technology.