Differential Pressure Transmitter PDT102

A high performance instrument designed primarily for life science and high technology cleanroom applications, the PDT102 features a robust MEMS silicon sensor technology that provides superior accuracy, sensitivity, stability and durability.

In-place system calibration and on-line monitoring without disturbing process tubes with optional process valve actuator and test jacks
Ultrathin profile ideally suited for DIN rail mount reduces installation and calibration costs
High accuracy, two options; 0.25% or 0.50% of span designed for use in critical monitoring of cleanrooms for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and semiconductor controlled manufacturing environments
Extremely robust MEMS silicon sensor technology provides very high accuracy, sensitivity, stability and durability
NIST traceable 9 point calibration with certificate
Front side accessible zero and span adjustment potentiometers
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Key Benefits

Ideal for demanding cleanroom environments
As part of the Vaisala viewLinc monitoring system the PDT102 is highly suited for regulated environments where continuous, documented and redundant data is a required to meet regulations.
Robust sensing technology
The silicon sensor uses a micro-machined, ultra-thin silicon diaphragm that provides repeatability and stability.
High performance measurement
The PDT102 offers very high accuracy, sensitivity and stability with two options for accuracy, 0.25% or 0.50% of span providing a highly reliable and repeatable measurement.