Miniature Dew Point Transmitters DMT143 & DMT143L (Long)

The Vaisala DRYCAP® Dewpoint Transmitter DMT143 is a miniature dew point measurement instrument

Miniature Dew Point Transmitters DMT143 & DMT143L (Long)

Miniature size dew point transmitters DMT143 and DMT143L are ideal choices when you want to measure dew point accurately in small compressed air dryers, plastic dryers and other OEM applications. They are easy to integrate and can be used in Vaisala DM70 hand-held. The long version has replaced the DMT242.

Key Benefits

Convenient size
Miniature size dew point probes for e.g. small industrial dryer applications.
Low maintenance costs
Stable measurement enables long calibration intervals saving maintenance costs.
Easy to use
Analog output options, easy servicing and data transfer. Compatible with Hand-Held DM70.